We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Prayers

The moral edifice of a snake pit.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has officially “welcomed Pope Francis’ call for a World Day of Prayer for Victims of Sexual Abuse and highlighted the efforts in dioceses across the country guided by the Charter for the Protection of … Continue reading →

How Many Popes Does It Take?

Comfy chairs

I’ve been eagerly awaiting signs of a fight between Pope Francis and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, and here’s some clear evidence that one is quietly beginning to simmer. Frankie’s really upset a lot of the old guard — believe it … Continue reading →

Arthur Perrault Located in Morocco

Missing monsignor

This could be big news, but Monsignor Arthur Perrault, serial clerical child molester, has been found. However, he may have already slipped away again. The man seems to be guided by an uncanny sense of danger that has served him … Continue reading →

Are the Servants of the Paraclete Stealing Away from New Mexico?

A mixed history

I had the opportunity to pass through Jemez Springs this weekend, on my way to a family reunion in the mountains. It had been several years since last I traveled that way and the town seems less changed than the … Continue reading →