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Who's your Papa?

Perhaps the stench of the cover-up has become too much for Pope Benedict, or maybe it’s just the tourists. But the Holy Father, who has recently lectured the world on greed, has commissioned his own perfume. No vanity here!

What I want to know, is when does it go on sale? I’m sure I could never afford a single dram, but wouldn’t smelling like the Holy Father be like a plenary indulgence to the devout?

The article says there it contains “hints of lime tree, verbena and grass” but the prestigious perfumer Silvana Casoli cited a “pact of secrecy” with her illustrious client, saying her delicate fragrance was based on his love of nature. I’d guess it would then contain also a piquant trace of brimstone, a pungent touch of mold from decaying theological texts, a smoky whiff from inquisitorial pyres, and be based on the bracing aroma of pure Bavarian horseshit.

Once again, Ratzinger proves himself to be a true pope. The Vatican is right when it says his snappy dressing, particular his hats “reflect his respect for papal tradition rather than an eye for fashion.” Indeed, the Holy See has never gone in for current fads, basing its choices on garish celebrations of wealth and power that would put the Caesars to shame.

How any person could look at this obscene circus and think it has anything to do with God or Jesus is beyond me.

If it walks like an Antichrist, talks like an Antichrist, it IS an Antichrist… even if it smells wonderful.

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