Pope Francis to Reinstate Cover-up, Old Style

"I am the pope!"

Pope Francis, secret traditionalist

Does anyone need proof that Pope Francis is truly no reformer? That his real agenda is to restore the Catholic Church to its ancient power and authority under a nice shiny guise of seeming concern and acceptance of everyone?

Look no further. The Vatican has announced that he’s thinking of putting the Church’s child protection office that he’s established, under the tender care of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the CDF. In other words, the secret agency that managed the cover-up for five hundred years will have full jurisdiction of it once again. Here’s what Frankie told them at their annual bash:

“On this occasion, I would also like to thank you for your efforts in dealing with sensitive issues regarding the most serious crimes, in particular, the cases of the sexual abuse of minors by clerics. Think of the welfare of children and the young, who in the Christian community must always be protected and supported in their human and spiritual growth. In this sense, the possibility is being looked into of connecting the specific Commission for the Protection of Minors, which I have established, to your dicastery [department]. I hope it will be an example for all those who wish to promote the welfare of children.” [Emphasis added]

No doubt it will be. For this is nothing less than a complete return to Crimen sollicitationis and the silence imposed by the Inquisition. Notice when it happened: right after the UN demanded answers for the Church’s shameful inaction. So much for transparency, accountability… and Vatican II.

Same as it ever was.

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4 Responses to Pope Francis to Reinstate Cover-up, Old Style

  1. Gloria. Sullivan says:

    Of course he wishes to keep the job he has been given. He must protect “all clergy”, if he WISHES TO SAVE the RCC.. and all the jobs that come with running a multi – quad- trillion $ INDUSTRY!

  2. Tony de New York says:

    ‘Cover up’? R u kidding?

    Pope Benedict XVI suspended, defrocked almost 400 priest and still going on.

    I blame the bishops 4 not open the files to the public and continue cover up with the sexual abuses.

  3. H. Boston says:

    Hi, kindly put the correct link to “Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils” http://popecrimes.blogspot.ca/