A near occasion of sin

Contains religious erotica!
Adults only! Not Safe For Work!

(This means you, Father.)

When I was a lad in parochial school, one of the Dominican sisters was not like the other penguins. Sister Musica or whatever her name was, was not old enough to witness the Crucifixion like the others appeared to be. She was actually young, enthusiastic, kind — and occasionally, a few strands of blond hair would escape her tight wimple.

The effect on my budding male libido was electric. And I wasn’t the only one. My older brother had a similar experience, and much later, I found it immortalized in the classic underground Catholic comic, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary.

But back in the day, we kids weren’t sure nuns even had bodies, much less hair, much less blond hair, and what it implied about “God’s wives”.

And so from such roots, as it were, comes the erotic fetishization of nuns. But the fascination is not limited to parochial school veterans. The lure of pure, chaste, untouchable vestals fascinates many — even the decidedly non-Catholic Japanese. Are such women really chaste? Can they truly give themselves entirely to God, remaining virginal their entire lives? Just what actually goes on behind the cloister walls?

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A whole genre of sleazy films called nunsploitation, some of which are reviewed in the Fallen Priests Film Festival, has grown up around the idea. And there’s plenty of graphic images, too, which you will be able to find here. Enjoy; I’m sure it’s only a venial sin!

NOTE: Since many of these images come from antique pornography, the naughty bits have been covered with a papal seal of safety, though they are still NSFW.



Naughty Nuns — 3 Comments

  1. WHERE ARE WE GOING? Jan 10th, 2012
    James Bredin

    I don’t think the world will end this year but maybe the church,
    They hid those pedophile priests for years and even today we search,
    Transferred from parish to parish and maybe even hid in Rome,
    A vast secret conspiracy that hurts through to the bone.

    Pious pompous priests in colorful vestments down to the floor,
    How could they be so wrong as they lock the Cathedral door?
    And put up a For-Sale sign in order to sell the whole place,
    To pay the bankruptcy and other legal bills right in our face.

    We were so busy going to mass and confessions to them,
    And they knew everything about everybody back then,
    And now that the shame and the many sins have been exposed,
    Still no known penance for pedophile priests that might have been imposed.

    Jan 10th, 2012

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